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From TV commercials to development print ads, Homewood and Home2 have great creative in place .  Navigate below to explore our work from the past year.

Homewood TV Commercials

The insight for our 'In the Groove' campaign was built around qualitative research conducted with guests across the country.  We identified a consistent theme among people who travel for business and leisure alike.  Being away from home has a way of taking people out of their element.  In other words, being out of your familiar routine makes you feel out of sync.

The campaign addresses the key insight by highlighting how the brand’s unique mix of amenities are all specifically designed to work together to help guests stay in their routine no matter how long they’re out on the road.  Or in other words, ‘stay in their groove.’  To emphasize the benefit of being able to stay in sync, each of the two spots follows our hero guests throughout the property as they go about their daily routines, but with a twist.

Home2/Homewood Development Print Campaign

In an effort to grow our extended stay brand footprint and to drive awareness amongst the development community, a dual brand ad was created to showcase the great benefits of developing/owning a Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites hotel. This ad was featured in Lodging Magazine, Hotels Magazine and Hotel Business Magazine in 2015 generating over 160k impressions.

Homewood Military Campaign

Through research, we discovered that people with military specific occupations were much more likely to travel and when they did travel, it was for longer periods of time.   Homewood’s extended stay offering with its unique set of amenities seemed like a natural fit for this new audience and an enormous marketing opportunity for Homewood Suites to capture increased share and revenue. However, given the parity of current military discounts and the brand’s relative low awareness, we knew we would need to lead with both a differentiated offer as well as a more emotionally appealing message to break through the promotional clutter.  This ad campaign has far succeeded in delivering that message.

Homewood Hulu Videos

Created on a minimal investment, these six video below were designed to enagage and create laughs.  The ultimate goal was to get people to click for more information and they did exactly that. 

African American Family Reunion Campaign

Embassy/Homewod RadioFamily Reunion

Embassy Suites and Homewood Suites paired up for a campaign targeting family reunions in the African American target audience. Goals were to generate awareness, preference and trial among black consumers, drive brand loyalty for both brands and increase group sales and bookings in this key market.


The media plan included a sponsorship of the Tom Joyner morning show, print buy w/Steed media and digital awareness banners.

Black Family Reunion Campaign

Pop Sugar Videos

For 2015,  the Hilton Worldwide portfolio team sponsored with various video snapshots around the country.  With that, each brand had special integrations that centered around the "best things to do" in a particular city.  Homewood's Miami Blue Lagoon property was featured this May as seen through the video to your right.  Coming up, our Home2 in Austin will be featured.

Portfolio Ads - HWS/H2

Website Updates

With the launch of Global Web, the 'About Us' section on each brand page lacked the character and content that would make the pages memorable.  The digital team took a fresh look at the design and sought to both make the site more informative/user friendly but also highlight the amenities offered by Homewood Suites that set us apart from the competition.


The About Us page outperformed the default variant by increasing the overall number of users engaging with the page by 8.19%. Likely due to the updated, easy-to-use page layout, we saw a 19.82% increase in the new visitor segments, indicating an increase in brand awareness

DR / Awareness Banners

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