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Direct sales are vital when it comes to extended stay business, and marketing makes sure to support sales initiatives when needed.  Marketing and sales have been in partnership for as long as anyone can remember to make sure a cohesive brand look and feel is executed in everything from tradeshow brochures to brand wide sales missions like In the Lead and Leads2 Business.  Sales and marketing go together like peas and carrots some could say.       

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

In the Lead / Leads2Business

Homewood and Home2 marketing partnered with our sales team to create a promotion for the Fall 2015 In the Lead sales blitz.  What we can up with was a direct activation in  the form of a hand-out that all hotels will take with them on client calls. 


The goal is to drive the client/customer to seek more information and build top of mind awareness through a quick and easy chance to win a free hotel stay.

HRCC - Tampa Reservation Center Promotion

A course was created within Hilton Worldwide University to educate reservation agents on the Home2 Suites brand offerings. The course consisted of watching two short videos – Home2 Sizzle Reel and the Home2 Guestroom Tour - followed by a short quiz to test the agent’s knowledge of the brand. The short videos provided insight into brand amenities every guest enjoys during their stay at Home2 along with fun facts about the brand that set it apart from competitors as well as other brands within the portfolio

VAST Videos

The Homewood sales team looked to relaunch an outdated VAST sales training program at the 2014 Homewood conference.  Knowing the original training was stuck in the past, marketing came up with some great splash videos to get all of the hotels engaged and energized for launch.  Created in the jib-jab style of video, each episode features people from the brand (including CK!) with scenarios taken directly out of popular 80s movies.

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