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With minimal investment and huge ROI, viral marketing campaigns are the way to raise awareness in today’s digital atmosphere.  It only makes sense for Homewood and Home2 to jump on the proverbial “bandwagon” and create some amazing content.  All of these videos live online, and will hopefully be seen by as many people as possible in order to increase overall awareness for both brands.  

Home2 Fresh New Way Campaign

Campaign website

Campaign Overview Video

Behind the Scenes Video

Home2 Suites offers a modern, user-friendly hotel option that is unlike anything else in the category. From an updated, colorful, contemporary design, to amenities that focus on sustainability, Home2 Suites offers a fresh new take on extended stay. The “Fresh New Way” campaign seeks to reinforce this positioning concept by offering consumers a fun and fresh new way to think about things in society that people tend to look at in a certain way and give them a new, unexpected twist. The “Fresh New Way” videos received over 24,909,757 impressions and 919k video views with a minimal media investment.

Home2 - 50 Acts of Kindness

To celebrate the opening of Home2 Suites’ 50th property and say thank you to the communities that our hotels call home, the brand executed a portfolio-wide coordinated service day on May 21, with the spotlight event being held in Austin, TX (site of the 50th hotel). Each hotel and its staff invited guests to participate and the initiative was an extension of the brand’s Your2 Hands program, which enables Home2 Suites team members to make a difference in the communities where they live and work. 


•87 million impresions

•175 placements

•700+ volunteers


Homewood Audience Awards Campaign

For 2015, Homewood Suites has partnered with Audience Awards, a video crowd-sourcing site that has access to up-and-coming directors from around the world.  On a very small budget, we're able to generate hundreds of  videos in various themes to use wherever we want.  More information to come soon....

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